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Movie Version Of "The Revelation, Year 2027"

Suggested Opening Scene:
A satellite orbiting the Earth is taking photographs of and recording data pertaining to the natural disasters occurring below which include floods, wildfires, earthquakes and tornados etc... The scene shifts to an observatory outside of Rome where professor Amante calls Father Conrad in a panic (bottom of pg. 171 with conversation through the middle of pg. 172). The professor was scared, really scared. Heart racing and breaking out in a cold sweat he writes in his diary, "I have witnessed the beginning of the world's end, but who will be alive to read this?!

He has only one recourse of action left and that is to pray, like he has never prayed before. In a fit of pleading, letting out all of his emotions, his arm knocks the diary off his desk. It falls to the floor and the camera moves to focus in on page 1, Wednesday January 6, 2027.

This is the beginning of the novel.

Additional religious material (chapter 29,page 159) will be made available to producers, screenwriters, directors or publishers wishing to republish this novel in its entirety.