Authors Notes

Here are some points to ponder as you read this novel of suspense, mystery and faith:

1. What are some of the secrets of the Circle of Seven, not elaborated in the book?

2. What caused Father Conrad to ignore his vows of obedience and to pursue a course of action toward self fulfillment instead of self sacrifice?

3. What secrets did Father Conrad come across? Why did he not want to confide in his close friends or fellow priests?

4. The nine messages were selected from the Holy Bible intentionally. What do you get from them?

5. The issue of the unity of the Catholic Church by the year 2054. Is it possible? Is it necessary? Does God desire this?

6. The character Matthew has secrets to tell of places he was "transported" to in an instant. A witness, a holy man of God was there watching.

Note that the author has written a screenplay that has been stored for possible future use which depicts this scene and the important historical events that took place.

7. The character Tony has revealed that the nine computer generated Bible messages contain a nine letter word. Is this one word message for him, Father Conrad or for the Author?

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" can be said in relation to the difficulty in describing the revelations at 3 and 3:33 A.M. that were so powerful that the author was compelled to get out of bed, go downstairs and write them down. This was done without waking his wife, a light sleeper, and led to the writing of this Novel without anyone's knowledge including family, friends…not even a priest. The subjects of the revelation are:

1. Saint Joseph
2. The Star of David and its hidden meaning for Catholics
3. The Holy Trinity

The writing of "Song of Sorrow", in Chapter 22, on September 8, 2003 was in response to the events that took place on 9/11/01. The author saw additional meaning through news stories and events following the writing of the poem and now knows where the poem belongs.

The author believes that only the magic of the special effects in a motion picture would come the closest in describing the details revealed in his dreams. One day this may be possible. Until then, he feels that some secrets should remain a secret and will be taken into eternity.

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