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The year is 2027. A super computer under the supervision of Father Conrad has been accidentally programmed to find the last day of Earth. Father Conrad doesn't take this too seriously; he knows that the Earth's demise will be preceded by three clear and specific warning signs: abnormal and unusual events in outer space, strong and numerous natural disasters on Earth and certain individuals having insights, religious revelations, or dreams.

Having secret information, Father Conrad has cause for alarm as all three intertwined events occur, and a foreboding computer printout reading, "Fire came down from Heaven", is followed by eight other ominous messages from the Holy Bible. This series of messages comes as the computer responds to these frightening events, and they form a mysterious puzzle leading up to and concluding with the printing of a date...The last day of Earth!

Three of the revelations or dreams are true and are based on actual events that have taken place in 1996.